Industrial Tribunal

The Industrial Tribunal is established by the Industrial Tribunal Rules. The Tribunal is established by statute to hear and rule on certain disputes, including employment disputes relating to unfair dismissal, discrimination and unfair deductions from pay. The Tribunal is independent of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar and will listen to the person making the complaint to the Tribunal (the claimant) and the person against whom the claim has been made (the respondent). Further details on the rules and procedure governing the Industrial Tribunal Rules can be found here.

The day-to-day administration of the Tribunal is co-ordinated by the Industrial Tribunal Secretary. The Secretary and her staff receive documents for the Industrial Tribunal at their offices and also arrange the logistics for each of the Tribunal sessions. Each Tribunal case is adjudicated by a chairperson appointed by the Minister, who is a legally qualified employment lawyer with at least 5 years of experience. The Secretary also attends each Tribunal session. The current Secretary is Ms Susan Sampere Wink, who can be contacted using the following details:

Contact details

Industrial Tribunal Office

75 New Harbours

New Harbours Walk


Tel: +350 20011085

Fax: +350 20073981

email address: